Advertising that works

At this point in time, everybody seems to have an online advertising solution. Everybody likes to talk about keywords and keyword placement and other tech names like Meta placement and search engine optimization. Wouldn’t it be great if you understood exactly what you’re advertising company was talking about?  Let’s be real, all that was yesterday’s news. From an industry standpoint, those were the things all major search engines used to look at to structure their site rankings. That is no longer the case.  At Smart Showroom we don’t exactly have all the answers we just have the right ones. Our philosophy is to stay ahead of the learning curve and provide our clients with up to date technology to achieve your advertising goals

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TV Advertising vs. Online Advertising

Since the boom of technology marketers are continuously trying to figure out the ideal marketing mix that could benefit their brands and increase their sales and returns.

However, online or digital advertising took over the TV advertisements in the year 2016. Today, almost all brands have put a significant portion of their investment into the online advertising sector.

At this rate, it is expected that TV advertisements will make up less than a third of all advertising budgets by the end of 2022. In contrast, online advertising will account for about half of the advertising budget

Cost-Effective: The second main advantage of online advertising is that it is cost-effective. Online advertising doesn’t require such a heavy expenditure like TV advertising, or any other form of advertising in that case. Moreover, it can also cover a larger mass of audience than any other form of advertising.

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The Benefits of Online Advertising

. Global Reach

The internet allows marketers to associate with people around the world at the same time. They can highlight their brand’s offerings beyond their local area and reach out to their target audience.

2. Attract Targeted Audience

One of the key points of digital marketing is the capacity to take care of a huge number of clients, and yet reach the intended audience.

3. Better Brand Engagement & Optimization

Digital marketing does not have restrictions in terms of opening hours. Since provincial & universal time variety does not influence the accessibility or reachability of your digital marketing campaigns.

4. Cost-Effective & Time Efficient

To host a successful digital marketing campaign, brands require less capital than traditional marketing on TV, Radio and OOH. They may begin with blogs, web-based social ads and email advertising at negligent costs.

5. Measurable

Free analytics dashboards like Google Analytics help marketers measure the success or failure of their digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing offers the opportunity to get each part of the business completely computerized or automated.

6. Quick & Convenient Delivery

Internet marketing is incrementally convenient as it adds easy accessibility. With digital advertising, a marketer doesn’t need to hold up weeks to see a noticeable boost in their business. With a paid digital marketing effort, they can see real-time results that empower them to adjust their marketing campaign to accomplish results.

7. Maintain an After Sales Relationship

In digital marketing, a marketer can easily access email addresses of both the consumers & the prospective candidates. They may begin follow-up marketing to prospects using auto-responding email. This way, they can establish an effective after-sales relationship with their existing clients.

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